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We create websites and e-shops that make money to our clients!

  • Jays, sneakers, tennis shoes everywhere you look! - Customers love the action and liveliness. And the sportsmen, the customers of our client, love them more than anyone else. However, the outdated design of their old e-shop didn't satisfy their needs at all. The new design incl. new logotype is more lively, it has a better layout elements and it is mobile too. A lot of superstructure modules enhances the comfort of purchase and therefore increases the numbers of orders.

    The transition from a competitive solution Responsive design
  • We sell cars on our own website - will you try it differently? - Advertising of your cars in systems such as TipCars is as important as advertising on your own website. This idea even saw the owner of TopClassCars company. Thanks to our website, the company created an increased a public demand not only for luxury cars, but also for other products such as financing or car insurance.

    Linked to TipCars.cz
  • One of the three largest providers of financing in the Czech Republic. - Thanks to the Premia card network web presentations created by us, the largest provider of non-bank loans acquires thousands of clients each year. It provided loans totaling several dozens of million crowns to its clients so far.

  • One of the world's largest shipping services. - We have created an information website for a special department called Same Day by the global shipping company DHL, and this website is connected to our LiteSite system. By this system, DHL workers are not only able to easily manage the content, but they are also able both to evaluate its success and to effectively manage its usage in the overall activity.

  • Sexy wheels for your pet - We have created a modern e-shop offering luxury brands' bikes for your beloved car. For an easier choice, we have designed an intelligent search by using the parameters such as pitches, wheel widths and their sizes. Thanks to the responsive design, the e-shop became more accessible in any other devices, and the customer can make purchases in a faster and more convenient way.

    Configurator luxury ALU wheels Multidomain e-shop
  • Baked snowman on Czech TV! - We have become media partners with Czech Television and its show called Baked snowman, which is formed under the leadership of James Kohák, the one of the greatest comedians. We have created a page full of nest-tickets, we hit a few fiber optic cables, and finally sold a kilo of iron. Even we in ManoloDesign love to laugh :)

  • The largest shopping center in Central Europe. - Customers throughout Europe are guided by our interactive maps that are directly connected with the information system IKEA Center Group. It acts as a reliable tool for a communication with more than 500,000 visitors of the three major shopping centers in a month.

  • Komvet Racing - a leading designer of civil and racing cars Mitsubishi and Subaru! - Manolo is connected with the best ones only and as the owner Komvet David Komarek says: "In 15 years of our existence, we have built more than 50 racing cars, which have become European champions and masters of the CR. We belong between the most successful car designers in the Czech Republic, and rightfully we can say that the results speak for us. "


Let's increase the performance of your marketing, make an online advertising more effective and earn more money. We will use our many years of knowledge and experience in the advertising market.

We will create a responsive website for you.

We create websites for large companies with extensive applications as well as small-scale websites. We work in a way that your website can be easily found on the Internet, the visitors orientate in it very well, and they are more than pleased to come back to it.

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We program e-shops with related services

We will build your e-shop in a way that the customer is very well-oriented in it, and he can comfortably purchase any items there. Therefore he recommends your e-shop to his friends too.

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Graphical and programming works

We program the web presentations, CRM systems, mobile applications and Facebook contest websites. We design an appearance both of your website and a corporate brand.

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Increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

We measure your existing campaign, analyze your customers' needs and suggest how you can earn even more. You will get clear information backed by figures.

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Marketing consultancy

Marketing is a tool that makes you well-known among the people. We connect the online world and off-line campaigns together in a way the customer will remember you well, and will be happy to come back to you in case of any other purchases.

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Webhosting, servers
and domain service

We host both small websites and large e-shops. We host applications for both Linux and Windows Server. Our servers run quickly and reliably at all times.

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Photo & video production and postproduction

We take pictures, shoot video clips and post-produce. We work for the best music and movie artists on the Czechoslovak scene.

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Training, assistance and support

There is a huge amount of information and they're becoming even more complex. We will teach you how to use the internet marketing tools to make your investments maximally profitable.

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We are pleased with the cooperation with the most prestigious clients, not only in the Czech market. We're very happy that we can contribute to your success as well!

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  • High Performance Parts
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